We help Support…



Prayer & Praise Revival Ministries: Pastor Rev. Ashley & Carmen Roberts.  Abiding Place has been coming along side J.J.C.M, whom Pastor Ashley is affiliated with, to help out with many different needs in Grenada such as rebuilding the church building, ministering to their fellowship and encouraging them in the things of the Lord.  Just as Abiding Place has been a blessing to Prayer & Praise Revival ministries, so has Prayer & Praise Revival Ministries been a blessing to Abiding Place, through brotherly love and the preaching of God’s word, when Pastor Ashley visits us at Abiding Place Fellowship.












“The Little Bouquet” located in Croix Des Bouquets, Haiti. Abiding Place is doing our best to support the home year round with financial gifts;  Our heart is to help them have a safe and happy life with many opportunities they would not have experienced without the home.. The goal of the home is to equip and prepare the children to have a successful future, physically and spiritually, to help impact and change Haiti in the future.














King of Kings Ministries: Pastor Rev. Silas & Nicola in Mbarara, Uganda. Abiding Place is continually praying for all those who have a relationship with us. King of Kings Ministries is one ministry God has  put on our hearts to lift up and pray for. Our Pastor, and his wife Kate, worked with Nicola in a ministry here in Canada for several years, and still treasure their relationship with her and Silas. We support them with our prayers, and also provide financial support through a mutual friend to both ministries.






Unstoppable Blessing

Rev. Donna Parachin is a very special friend and mentor to Pastor Gord and Kate. they have worked together in several ministries over the past 25 years, such as Ellel and Singing waters ministries, and we at Abiding Place Fellowship count it a blessing to partner with Rev. Donna in Her ministry “Unstoppable Blessing” in which She travels all over the world touching people with the incredible love of the Father, places like in Asia, China, Singapore, Taiwan also Australia,  Europe and Africa. Here in Canada She travels to minister to our native folks, “First People’s” Cree, Ojibwa, Naskapi and many other First nations. She travels many times a year to the Arctic to the first nations Inuit in Nunavut. When home Rev. Donna blesses Abiding Place Fellowship with the tangible touch of Father God and her teachings encourages us to Love all people like Jesus love us.



Rev.David Rutledge

Rev. David & Debi Rutledge are very special friends to our Pastors and have been friends for over 30 years,at one time Rev. David was pastor and mentor to Pastor Gord and Kate, where they worked together serving the Lord at Broadway Tabernacle in Orangeville. Rev. David is a true worshiper of God, a man of great faith, he is gifted as an Evangelist/Pastor and articulates the word of God with passion and clarity, in-powering those he ministers to with faith and a deep commitment to our Lord Jesus Christ. Debi has a gift of encouragement and a strong prophetic edge which compliments their ministry. God uses them mightily wherever they minister through the power of Holy Spirit.
This wonderful couple believes their is more in Christ, more knowledge, more power, more to experience.